The Best Way To Wear Tights In 2020

When the season of hot chocolates and hygge arrives, the public falls into one of two factions. Who’s watching Strictly Come Dancing and who’d rather have their eyes gouged out? Close. It’s all about who’s breaking out their tights and going naked until December or a cold vortex hits.

The Best Way To Wear Tights In 2020

After a summer of waxing their legs to perfection, some women welcome their opaques like long-lost relatives; others push themselves to a winter without tights. It’s still early, but the latter group may be reconsidering their boycott right now. Not only is frostbite a fashion faux pas, but the fashion set has rediscovered tights.

They aren’t simply pulling out their sheer and black hosiery (although Naomi Campbell made a strong case for both at Princess Eugenie’s wedding and appeared to be slightly warmer than the other guests). Colors and patterns that make a statement are also popular.

Balenciaga’s autumn/winter show included a parade of jewel-toned tights, while Pernille Teisbaek, a Danish influencer and founder of Social Zoo, prefers ice cold hues like white and grey. Chiara Ferragni wore polka-dot tights with metallic shoes at the Philosophy show in Milan, and fashion stylist Emili Sindlev wore Fendi’s sell-out logo tights in baby blue with metallic sandals in April.

Sindlev and her patterned pins, according to global fashion search site Lyst, are onto something. The most popular brands are Gucci and Fendi, with searches for’monogrammed’ and ‘logo’ tights up 48 percent year over year. The latter’s black nylon stockings with interlocking Fs are on sale now for £150, or you can pre-order the spangled gold version for £170, just in time for the Christmas party season. Gucci’s gold pair is likewise £170, but they are in stock.

M&S offers a department called ‘Fashion tights,’ which is actually less scary than it sounds and sells the best value three-pack of high quality 60 deniers for £6. The gleaming silver pair (£8) may not have twin Gs stitched on them, but they will offer much-needed razzle-dazzle during the dreary midwinter.

Colored tights must be used with caution; too bright a hue will make you appear to have been clothed in a power cut. Maria La Rosa’s tights (£33) are available at in a variety of vivid paintbox colors, including rose-pink, strawberry, and turquoise. Try the strawberry tights with a flowery pink dress, or vice versa, and the turquoise with pastel blue or subdued peacock for a gentler appearance than clashing colors.

The Best Way To Wear Tights In 2020

This winter, it’ll also pay to update your basic hosiery wardrobe. Heist’s seamless, sag-resistant tights, which start at £18, are recommended by fashion experts. The business sells a pair every 15 seconds during the winter, indicating that they’re doing something right, especially the fact that you can select between a low or high waistband on their 30, 50, and 80 denier styles, and they won’t droop midway through the day. Their Nude tights are also available in a variety of skin tones. Due to consumer demand, Fiona Fairhurst, the brand’s vice president of innovation, said colors will be released later this year. Wear these opaques with anything from ankle boots to sneakers to platform sandals for the time being (yes sandals). Fairhurst explains, “We tuck the toe seam below the toes, making them excellent for matching with sandals.”

Finally, Weekday has the finest selection of coloured hosiery on the high street, ranging from spearmint-green to turmeric and violet, all for £10.

That’s the other fantastic aspect of this movement. You may give your credit card a well-deserved vacation in addition to keeping your bottom half toasty.

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