The Return Of Gossip Girl Brings A Whole New Breed Of Headbands

So, I’ve been vindicated. I don’t mean to come out as arrogant, but I truly do. For headband searches have increased by 900 percent, and I’ve been preaching its advantages for the past few years to no avail. In fact, since the first season of Gossip Girl filled our lives with reason (just me?) I’ve been Blair Waldorf-ing my way through Anthropologie, mostly collecting headbands like they’re going out of style (which they were), only to discover that I was ahead of the curve when they came back in this year. So arrogant.

headband trend

Of course, it was Prada who helped them reclaim their place in the fashion world. The fashion company reinvented the padded satin headbands of the past (favorited by the Duchess of York in the 1990s) as one of last spring’s most sought-after accessories. It used to be that finding a Prada headband was more unlikely than finding a Gossip Girl remake! Oh, please wait…

blair waldorf headband

We now find ourselves in 2020, facing an uncertain political future and a former Celebrity Apprentice contestant in the White House. What do we require? Of course, a new season of Gossip Girl is in the works! And we have one. So, while Prada is clearly the reason why headbands have been reintroduced into the global consciousness, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Gossip Girl story is to blame for the rapid surge in searches for them.

What’s not to like, really? Blair was well aware of what she was doing. She was able to persuade the rest of the world to regard her terrible hair day saviour as a status symbol. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what my hair is doing; a headband eliminates any distractions and, as I’ve discovered, can also serve as a substitute for a hat for weddings and other formal events. Blair would nod his head.

Celebrities are also enjoying the benefits of this gear in the real world. Janelle Monae, for example, recently introduced what can only be described as Big Headband Energy, which she teamed with a Reformation polka dot dress. Since the first time I saw this ensemble, I’ve been unable to stop thinking about it. Yes, I am completely enamored with headbands.

Janelle Monae

While we wait to discover if headbands are a central character in the next season of The Wire, one of the most subtle, riveting, and brilliantly written television dramas of all time (The Wire? No, I’m still talking about Gossip Girl), but you can get some of the greatest below and dress up like Blair would. No, no Stupidly, the bow goes on the right.