In 2021, Here’s How To Wear Trainers

Trainers, as any fashionista knows, are the key to staying cool. Trainers aren’t only for the gym anymore; they add individuality to daily ensembles as well as special event attire. Gola, the renowned British brand, is your go-to for style, comfort, and utility. The current collection gives getting dressed a street-style twist. Add a pair of Gola sneakers to your flowers if they seem too girly for work or too twee for a night out. Find out how to wear sneakers in various ways in 2021…

Give It An Old-School Feel

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For an all-over old-school edge, go through your vintage closet, select out the trendiest frock (anything patterned gets additional points) – and then put on some classic shoes. The Gola Classics Montreal Lustre has been revamped with a grey nylon top and subtle gold leaf embroidery, making it ideal for purists. Perfect for giving your spring/summer clothing a classic flair.

Retro-Sporty Nails

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For summer, mix a tea dress or skirt with a shirt and sneakers for a retro-sporty look. Choosing sneakers with a combination of white and a bright color can keep your outfit feeling contemporary and new. Our go-to footwear? The traditional off-white and green Gola Classics Badminton plimsoll.

Incorporate a splash of color

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Wearing color on your feet is the latest way to wear it this year. Don’t be hesitant to experiment with clashing colours since a splash of color may help bring an ensemble to life. A must-have is the Gola Classics Toronto in Baltic blue with ashes of yellow and red. Alternatively, the Gola Classic Vancouver is a gorgeous pink option.

Embrace the power of pastels.

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Since pastels are the new neutral, make sure your spring/summer shoe collection includes lilac, sky blue, lemon, and pink. A pair of Gola Traditional Vancouver trainers has a classic shape with a romantic new design that will have your feet turning attention in all the right ways. Wear with frilled socks for an additional stylish effect.