This Is The Only French Style Inspiration You Need To Pay Attention To, Forget Emily In Paris.

As a result, we now know that Emily will be remaining in Paris for a little longer. Netflix revealed this week that everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure binge-watch will be renewed for a second season. fash back hold Forget about the Emily-Gabriel-Camille love triangle; what we really want to know is if the titular heroine can shake off her “la plouc” reputation, shed the novelty phone case, and acquire any of Sylvie’s refinement by the second season. Hmmm. Emily can go to another Parisian for inspiration if she wants to give her clothes a French makeover: Brigitte Bardot. fash back hold Bardot was born in Paris in 1934, and she is undeniably iconic. Her first ambition was to become a ballet dancer. She was discovered by actor and director Roger Vadim after appearing in a fashion show and magazine in 1949. He married her for the first time (of four times) and cast her in his 1956 picture And God Created Woman. She had starred in almost 50 films, including Jean-Luc Godard’s brilliantly elegant 1963 classic Le Mépris, and recorded over 60 songs before retiring in 1973 to become an animal rights activist. fash back hold Even if you prefer Netflix romcoms to French New Wave films, you’ll recognize that BB, as she’s known, was destined to be a bombshell. Bardot effortlessly inhabited her sexuality with her distinctive bouffant bed hair, cat-eye eyeliner, and sulky pout (typically with a cigarette hanging out).

fash back hold

Bardot’s style cemented her reputation as one of the most alluring symbols of the 1960s, and it is as attractive now as it was then. Her sultry-chic ensemble has an enviable effortlessness about it. Sure, it’s difficult to duplicate, but it’s not impossible (looking suitably moody is a good start). Simply separate the pieces: small skirts and shorts, sleek tailoring and tight knits, Capri pants, and ballerina heels. Floppy hats and knee-high boots were both worn often. fash back hold The glitz is there (see her affinity for leopard print jackets), but it’s done with a laid-back, barefoot ease – as seen by her arrival in a Rolls Royce without shoes to a party held by her then-husband Gunter Sachs at Paris’s Maxim’s restaurant in 1967. And contemporary brides who dislike frou-frou confections might check out the short and lovely gingham gown she wore to marry Jacques Charrier in 1959 (PSA: also view her pal Bianca Jagger’s wedding skirt suit from 1972). If the strange comeback of sensual clothes this season has you perplexed, Bardot should be your inspiration. Skimpy outfits were not only for the South of France. Thigh-high boots, leather tailoring, and the transparent Paco Rabanne outfit she wore to an awards presentation in 1969 should all be on your moodboard. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, The most sexiest thing of all, of course, is to be yourself, which Bardot has always done. What’s the second thing? Take another look at that unique phone case. We’re talking about you, Emily.